Histologic subtypes of Meningiomas: Review and variation in an African population

  • Onyekachi Itohan Aniume College of Medicine, University of Nigeria
  • Dr Chidiebere Chidubem Eluke College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus
  • Dr Okechukwu Charles Okafor Department of Morbid Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus
Keywords: Central nervous system, Meningioma



Meningiomas are considered to be the commonest neoplasm of the central nervous system and are also the most studied meningeal tumour. According to the WHO 2020 classification of meningiomas, there are fifteen subtypes that have been grouped into grades 1, 2 and 3. The WHO grade 1 meningiomas are generally grouped as benign while the WHO grade 2 and 3 tumours are grouped as malignant. The aim of this study is to show the variation of these subtypes in relation to the age, gender and location in an African population.

Materials and Methods

A 10-year retrospective review of all histologically diagnosed Meningiomas from 1st January, 2010 to 31st December, 2019 is presented. The distribution of the tumour in relation to the age, sex and location was assessed in this study.


The three WHO grades of meningioma were assessed in this study. The M:F ratio was 1:1.4 and peak age incidence was seen in individuals 41 – 50 years (SD ± 16.54). Majority of the cases were WHO grade 1 (86.1%) while WHO grades 2 and 3 tumours were 8% and 5.9% respectively. A slight variation in the common subtypes in males and females were observed. Fibroblastic variant was the overall commonest subtype (27.1%).


The diversity of the subtypes of meningiomas of meningioma calls for strict classification protocols for standardization of patients’ grouping and potentially, management. Tumour genetics of the subtypes can be explored for potential management of complicated cases.


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Author Biographies

Dr Chidiebere Chidubem Eluke, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Consultant Histopathologist, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital 

Lecturer, Department of Morbid Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria 

Dr Okechukwu Charles Okafor , Department of Morbid Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Consultant Histopathologist, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital 

Professor, Department of Morbid Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus 


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