A Rare Case of Rhinosporidiosis in Popliteal Fossa

  • Dr. Ranu Gupta M.D. Department of Pathology, Consultant Pathologist, Centrapath laboratory, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Dr. Saishruti Iyer M.D. Department Microbiology, Dr Lalpathlabs, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Keywords: Rhinosporidium seebrii, Pedunculated mass, Popliteal fossa


We hereby present a rare case of rhinosporidiosis in the popliteal fossa. Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous infection caused by the fungus-like organism Rhinosporidium seebrii most commonly in the nasal cavity, followed by ocular and cutaneous lesions. The following case is of a 45-year-old female who presented to the laboratory with a pedunculated mass which on histopathology revealed a typical sporangium with numerous endospores. The report provides an insight into the clinical suspicion that needs to be kept while handling such cases.


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DOI: 10.17511/jopm.2021.i03.04
Published: 2021-06-30
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Dr. Ranu Gupta, & Dr. Saishruti Iyer. (2021). A Rare Case of Rhinosporidiosis in Popliteal Fossa. Tropical Journal of Pathology and Microbiology, 7(3), 116-118. https://doi.org/10.17511/jopm.2021.i03.04
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